Saturday, April 30, 2011

7 months!

Remember this cute little guy with a wicked awesome wavy faux-hawk.

He turned seven months and we decided it was time for a trim.
Exhausted after the haircut (his second to be exact!)

Showing off his good (and slobbery) looks!

This little guy is so much fun! He is always so happy, if anyone looks at him, he sends a sparkle-y smile right back at them!

Right now he rolls and scoots all over, hasn't quite mastered crawling, but that will come. He loves to sit and play with toys, be talked to, and be loved by the big kids!

Even minnie thinks she is big enough to take care of him! She gives him loves and will even share her cozy with him when hs is sad.

We love this sweet little guy!

Don't worry we kept the faux-halk! No matter what we do thats where it wants to be.. straight up adorable!

Eggs, Bunnys, and Baskets

We colored Easter Eggs as part of our partying! It was so fun to see the kiddos make different colors and experiment with how to dip them! Truly a fun a Easter adventure!

Mr. K made a really cool cracked dinosaur egg that he cracked, thendyed blue, pink, purple, and green, it turned out really cool!

Sassy loves purple!

So proud of her yellow egg.. She did it All by herself!

At our house baskets are also a form of protective head wear!

Getting ready! Youngest to Oldest of Course!!

My sweet litte Rae with her pretty blue eyes!

Mr. K still loves legos, and I love to see his mind work to figure out how to build this new legos and how to create new things! He finally got the world racers Motorcycle set... something we have NEEDED (or so he said) for a long time!

Sassy loves to be outside, everytime we go to the store she wants to buy seeds and plants... so Easter Bunny brought her exactly that, a new shovel, potting soil, several packets of seeds and a watering can!

I don't know what is it about this little guy, but he LOVES to wrestle EVERYTHING!! It cracks me up. For Easter all this sweet guy needed was the basket and a couple empty eggs to eat!

I think he won!

I love this face, wild hair and all!

Huntin' Eggs!

We had an all day Easter Egg Hunt! We started at my grandparents house in West Jordan. Minnie wasn't so sure what to do at first... but she got the hang of it rather quickly!

Sassy was an animal, she had her bucket filled faster than anyone else!

Mr. K had a little bit of a disadvantage, he was in a sling from a minor trampoline accident the night before. He get pretty good balancing his basket while picking up the eggs!

Full baskets make for happy kiddos!

Minnie showing off her loot!

Mr. K coming in victorious!

We had to take a picture of the girls sparkle-y shoes. They just looked so Spring-y together!

So Many Eggs! So Much Fun!

Once we finished up at my grandparents house it was off for round two... The Gillings Hunt!

Some of the cousins were sick so it was our kids, and Baby V! We missed our cousins, but had fun hunting the eggs and various treats hiding for us!

Baby V getting her treats, yes she is thrilled!

Mr. K's full basket

Sassy with a bucket full of prizes!

Minnie obviously loves the Cheetos!

We thought that all the eggs had been found and were ready to go inside to eat, but Minnie found the last one all by herself. She was so proud and came running across the yard, her prize in hand yelling, "" I dot it, I dot it!" I love her!

Our sweet guy slept until the hunt was over, we let him find his treat! He wasn't sure what was going on, but knew it was something fun!

He was some wicked awesome hair.... we comb it down.... five minutes passes, instant wavy mohawk! At least the faux-halk is in style!

Cousins... these two are about three months apart! She loves to play with (or fish hook) him, he's not so sure that they are friends!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moab 2011

One of our families favorite vacation spots is MOAB!!! We look forward to going every year! This year Gav and Mike took the bigs and I stayed home with the littles! They had a great time hiking, and exploring new things!

The Gillings Family Tree Arch!


Gav at Windows

Being Goofy at Windows

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tree Hunting 2010 part 2

So after what seemed like hours of trekking through feet, I'm not kidding, FEET of snow with 3, now crying kiddos (sweet guy was a champ and slept the ENTIRE time) I gave up! Lets just say after this experience I would have made a crappy pioneer. We brought the kids back and Gavin set off to find us a perfect, actually good enough tree. Me and Sweet Guy on our final decent from our crazy adventure!
We got back only to find that our cousins had not had any luck finding a tree, so Myself, along with 9 (yep 9) children climbed in to Gavin's truck and watched Charlie Brown Christmas for a solid 2 hours! Thank goodness we had the Mega Cab for this adventure!
Happy, fed, and warm!
Always a Smiley Guy!
Mr. K and his cousins were determined to ride this sled down this Crazy Steep hill, they made it almost to the top, and FLEW down the hill, they had so much fun, but neither was sure it was worth doing again!

Gav brought us back a beautiful tree! Look how happy we all are that he is back!

Tree Hunting 2010

Every year we go on a great adventure to find our Christmas tree up in the mountains, so this year we braved the snow packed up our four little kiddos (along with Gavin's dad and Brother's family) and set out for an adventure! These pictures are all from the beginning of the trip when kids were still smiling, the snow was still fun and pretty, and finding a tree didn't seem like an unreachable goal! Gav had to go under the tree!
Happy Sassy!
Minnie Ready to Go!
Mr. K looking ridiculously big!
...and my sweet guy waiting patiently. (perched in Minnie's seat)

How can you not love his face?